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I was suffering incredible pain with shingles of the ear when I went to Dr. Chou in late summer. I noticed improvement almost immediately after beginning treatment and was totally pain free within two weeks. Dr. Chou is highly skilled, personable and empathetic. He runs on time. He speaks excellent English. I continue to see him for treatment of an immunity disorder and am felling much better. I recommend him without reservation. If you or anyone you know gets shingles, call him right away. The quicker the treatment starts, the better. But he also can help long-sufferers.

Marsha S.

Dr. Kuan-Chung Chou is wonderful!! I had foot pain that was terrible and after 1 acupuncture visit I no longer had any foot pain. I was looking for a Chinese Oriental Medical Doctor from China and I found Dr. Chou. He is just amazing. A couple visits later I spoke to him about my mood and after 1 acupuncture visit I felt energetic and with very happy mood. I was just amazed. He is simply the best Chinese medical doctor that I have experienced. I highly recommend him for whatever bothers you.

Lori D

6/20/2016 I had a lower back problem that kept me in bed for a week. I started visiting various doctors to no avail. After half a dozen doctors I found Dr Chou. I was told by several doctors that I needed surgery. Dr Chou had me on my feet and pain free in three months, no surgery. Thanks to acupuncture and Dr Chou I was able to avoid surgery and the accompanying complications. I feel great now thanks to Dr Chou.

Mindy H. Chantilly, VA

6/2016 I'm not sure how I hurt my back, but it kept getting worse with shooting pain down my leg. It got so that I couldn't stand up for more than five minutes at a time. I had great results with Dr. Chou for a shoulder ailment several years ago, so I decided to see if he could fix my back. It didn't take many sessions until I was on my feet again. i have been pain free now thanks to Dr. Chou's acupuncture treatments. Thanks to Dr. Chou for my speedy recovery.

Jorn H.


Dr. Chou helped me to conceive my little boy a couple of years ago after 3 failure of IVF's! Now he is healthy and strong! We are just so happy to see him thriving everyday! Also Dr. Chou treated my mom's right eye for macular degeneration after she was rejected by her Ophthalmologist. So far, the progress is very up-lifting as her bleeding spot is literally shrinking about two rounds of acupuncture treatment. In addition, my husband was able to avoid a heart surgery for putting a stent in his heart after 4 months of acupuncture treatment. I am a true believer of acupuncture and all my family members rely on Dr. Chou's expertise. Once again, from my bottom of heart, I appreciate Dr. Chou for being such a caring and skillful doctor.

Cindy R.


I write this review because I want people to know how good Dr. Chou is. So, I will tell my story. I had pain on the bottom of my right foot. It was very bad pain. After my first acupuncture visit with Dr. Chou my pain went away. As I spoke with him I told him I was a little depressed and I don't know what he did but after my visit my mood changed the next day. I dressed differently and felt so much better. He is absolutely wonderful!!! I see him often for anything I think I may have and he is an Oriental Medical Doctor in addition to a PH.D. I wanted an OMD so I looked for one and found Dr. Chou. I recommend him very highly

L D.


Dr. Chou has helped my neck pain when no one else could. After 30+ physical therapy appointments and multiple recommendations from Eastern medicine doctors to resort to a long-term pain specialist I went to see Dr. Chou upon a friend's recommendation. I am so glad that I did. He's straightforward, takes the time with you to understand your case and explain to you how acupuncture may or may not help and why. He's just the best and I cannot say enough good things about him. Go see him! He's amazing!

Brooke S


After reading "The Infertility Cure" about fertility/acupuncture and a referral from my IVF clinic, I visited Dr. Chou for assistance. Namely, during an IUI treatment. I visited roughly 20 times throughout the winter and spring. I explained to Dr. Chou that my hands, feet, and nose were always cold and I experienced painful cramps each month. Each session, I felt better and better. No cold hands or feet. Further, he always placed a warming lamp over the area of my stomach and feet and kept the room a warm temperature during my treatments which were in the cold winter. The IUI procedure was successful after the first time. How do I know Dr. Chou and acupuncture helped? Because I stupidly forgot to take one of my Clomid pills and the endocrinologist, my husband and I thought that nothing would happen that month. Well, we were all pleasantly surprised because the IUI worked on the first try and I know that acupuncture with Dr. Chou helped me with that and throughout the first trimester.

Each visit, Dr. Chou checked my pulse and conducted an assessment. As soon as the needles were placed (and I never felt them and the needles are one time use...very clean office!), I was in a deep sleep, state of relaxation that I have never have been able to feel outside of acupuncture at Dr. Chou's office. It was amazing and I felt calm, refreshed, and I know it helped me not stress about the pregnancy. Ironically, during the first trimester, I never felt nauseous and did not experience any "morning sickness".

After the second trimester, we moved out of state and I figured I would keep trying acupuncture to help support the pregnancy. Well, not all acupuncturists are the same. First, the visits at the two practices in Texas were only 30 minutes long. At Dr. Chou's, I was there anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Further, while I was always in a deep sleep (state of relaxation) at Dr. Chou's office, I literally could hear everything around me and laid on the table looking up at the ceiling at the two offices in Texas. Lastly, Dr. Chou offered acupressure seeds on my ear and gave me instructions on those. At the other two offices in Texas, I had to ask for the acupressure seeds! Needless to say, not all acupuncturists are the same!

My family and I are relocating back to Virginia this July and cannot wait to visit Dr. Chou not just to expand our family with a second pregnancy but, for overall wellness. I'm a proponent of acupuncture for many reasons and we cannot wait to visit Dr. Chou in July again.

R D.


I went to see Dr. Chou when I was really sick with a tick-born illness. I was having migraines, joint pain, stiff neck, muscle twitching, hair loss....I was completely miserable and thought that I might not recover ever. My primary care doctor had limited options for me. After a routine course of antibiotics for the infection, she suggested for the post-infection side effects enormous doses of steroids, which I rejected after trying every other prescription possible to banish the migraines to no avail.

I was really ready to give up. I went from my primary care doc's office straight to Dr. Chou out of desperation. I remembered seeing a sign for his office in the same building as my doctor. I hate needles and had never tried Chinese medicine. It was after 5pm and I didn't have an appointment. Dr. Chou was amazing. He took once look at me and could see all the pain I was in. He sat down with me and told me exactly what he could do for me. He said in three sessions the migraines would be gone. I didn't really believe him, but I thought why not? Nothing else was working. It only took two to get rid of the migraines.

I have done acupuncture for three years now with Dr. Chou. He helped me get my immune system on track and to combat the residual effects I still suffer. In short, I feel extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Chou. He is a kind, compassionate person with extensive knowledge. I have talked to many patients in his waiting room - all attest to his tremendous skill in helping them to heal. I highly recommend Dr. Chou.

M K.